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I am a free-lance writer and mom, who also happens to work as a nurse. I have many interests and ideas - some are rather conventional and some are controversial. They are what they are and I am what I am.


Making fruitcake was a very interesting process. This time I didn’t strictly follow Mrs. A.P. Hill’s recipe, because it would have made far more fruitcake than I wanted to, since I was only making enough for the family and I … Continue reading

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Candying Orange Peel

I decided, now that I have a nice big kitchen, to make homemade fruitcake for the first time ever. I researched different recipes and went to the store full of optimism for my success. I ran into an unexpected wall: … Continue reading

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A Treasure Rediscovered

This blog is a story in progress. It started just a couple days ago; how long it will last, who knows? It began with the discovery – or if you will, rediscovery – of a treasure. We just moved into … Continue reading

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