Making fruitcake was a very interesting process. This time I didn’t strictly follow Mrs. A.P. Hill’s recipe, because it would have made far more fruitcake than I wanted to, since I was only making enough for the family and I to try. However, I did find her recipe to have some great ideas (aside from the homemade candied orange peel, which is simply divine), which I combined with some other ideas and some thoughts of my own to make a fruitcake that was moist, delicious, full of flavors, basically everything that the store-bought cakes I grew up with were not.

For those who want to make a large amount of fruitcake and have the patience to do it entirely from scratch, I share with you the recipe from Mrs. Hill that inspired my own recipe. I’m not going to share mine here because I am in the process of creating a cookbook as a fundraiser for something my son is doing. When it is ready to go, maybe I will share a link here, so those who want it can get it.

697. Fruit Cake No. 1 – Sugar, one and a half pounds; butter, the same; flour, the same; eighteen eggs; of raisins and currants mixed, three pounds; citron, half a pound; one tumbler of brandy, two tablespoonfuls of cinnamon, the same of mace, the same of cloves, and a light teaspoonful of soda. For any fruitcake almond icing is best, as the ordinary icing becomes discolored.

I left off icing, since my cake really didn’t need it. The recipe I concocted ended up making two cakes, which was a good thing since they got eaten rather greedily by all of us. My husband made me feel very happy when he proclaimed that he would never buy fruitcake from a store again since mine was so wonderful.

Now that the holidays are over and January is in full bloom, I am looking at some of Mrs. Hill’s soup and stew recipes. Should be a tasty winter.


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I am a free-lance writer and mom, who also happens to work as a nurse. I have many interests and ideas - some are rather conventional and some are controversial. They are what they are and I am what I am.
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